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The Aim:To introduce you to girls / boys / couples / groups from the right set, with decent backgrounds and a healthy attitude towards getting the best out of life.before that let me answer some questions 1 What is meant by BM ? it means Broad Minded A non believer in irrational old values which are obsolete , orthodox and leg pulling for young generationís personality grooming for challenges of their future times .For a BM logic and rationality, opinions of psychologists, sociologists human behavior experts and doctors get priority over old values/ beliefs, taught by semi literate parents . 2 . Are the activities of AGBM Club are legal and scientifically positive for an individual / family and society ? Yes and yes . All transactions / commitments are on record . The organization of agbm club is a pub ltd co ,(No U55101DL 2001PLC111786 2001-2002) which has to work strictly under Companyís act , enacted by Govt of India , with regular mandatory reporting to govt . All activities of agbm club have been verified by crime branch and Special branch of Delhi police and they have found nothing illegal . Show these details to any psychologist and let him tell how positive the activities of agbm club are ? Looking for fun ways to stay well? Spend more time with friends -- and in bed. Having close pals you can laugh and cry with, through thick and thin, is a blessing. So is getting a good night's sleep, especially in restless times. But wait, there's more. Both also reduce your blood levels of an inflammatory protein that's been linked to Alzheimer's, bone thinning, heart trouble, rheumatoid arthritis, and even some kinds of cancer. RealAge Benefit: Having a strong social network of family and friends can make your RealAge up to 3.5 years younger. 3. What is the guarantee of materialization of friendship ? Friendship is not a commodity available off the shelf like soap cake . Agbm club is a platform where you get an access to approach those persons( females , males and couples ) who are looking for friends like you are looking for friends .Like you , they are also free to pick and choose any person on basis of her/his age/city / marital status .But both you and they are looking for friends and as quick as possible .So larger the base to choose from , larger the number of friends you approach for friendship , higher & faster are the chances getting a friend /s of your choices. The data base is daily updated for cancellations and additions. Offending persons are weeded out daily . No hired girls to chat or write to you offering bogus friendship letters .All lists of girls/boys and couples are updated everyday. Any friendship club offering direct ph no for instant friendship is either cheating you or promoting prostitution. No female or even gentleman from decent educated family would allow her or his phone number to given to every Tom, Dick & Harry . Would you ? Are you looking for instant friendship against cash ? Then agbmclub is a wrong place for you and pl do not join it SIR. 4. Can I date with or marry or have massage/sex with friends ? Yes you may marry or enjoy massage/ sex with adult friends subject to mutual desire & consent without any money consideration /coercion . 5 What is security of my money against total wastage ? yes ONLY In case you use agbm clubís address as your c/o address , and you do not get any response from any friend/s you approach, you get your money back . 6. Why you charge 1800/-, which is too much for me ? When we commit for genuine data base of persons looking for genuine friends , we have to advertise heavily in maximum newspapers ,magazines, both national and regional . Only then we get enquiries from well educated persons from all walks of life ,all ages , religions and regions . A small advertisement of 3 cms by 1 ad column on page 3 nearly costs 5000/- to 10000/-. This unavoidable and continuous overhead explains the high cost of membership (less than 5/- per day for life long relations) (Pay 1800/- in Companyís a/c name AGBM R & S Friendship Club Ltd , UTI Bank, any branch Cash Credit a/c no 040010300 008143 ( Pitampura branch) or ICICI bank any branch. A/c no 036705001079 Current a/c name Anil K Gupta (branch Sec 11 Rohini ,new delhi 85) OR Hdfc BANK A/C 552100 00 08790 or ABN Amro bank a/c 209118 A/C name Anil k Gupta Surplus if any , is distributed in charity / donations like Tsunami. Why donít u refer pauper and/or lonely handicapped widow/ers, or poor but brilliant students who cannot study further due to poverty, in your neighborhoods to us for financial aid of 10000/- for them and billion blessings to you which you can encash in bank of GOD. 7. Then why do you offer free membership to females? Well ! more than 99% of females are non earning , they are dependent on their father/ brother or husband for their out of pocket expenses . Most females find it against their ego to spend money to attract friendship offers . It is very inconvenient for them to remit money through bank or mo UNNOTICED . 8. Any hidden cost or condition other than mentioned below ?? NO Give your postal address to get free multi colour broucher and discount coupon + 250 yearís calendar AND ALL INDIA CITI and AGE WISE FEMALE / COUPLE MEMBERíS LIST ENJOY RECEIVING AND / OR GIVING EROTIC MASSAGE / BOLD MODELS CUM ESCORTS/ FREE DATING IN ANY CITY ANY TIME I do that by mapping interests / hobbies / desires / fantasies among members from India and abroad.  And bring them together for Pen / Tele / Social friendship. From which growsrelationships,  intimacy  and  much ,  much   more ..
The club is managed by an MBA management professional. I manufacture camping equipment for young hearts ( for camping trips where you can  have fun outdoors). I work in the interests of people who are bored &lonely and  want       to experiment with life. In case you are shy, let me tell you that I assure 100% secrecy. You can confide all your limitations & desires with me, and  get a package tailored  for
you . You are not bound to reveal your address to  even me as you may take option of keeping one way communication with agbmclub . You don't have to sign the membership form or even send a photo if that's what you wish (600/- extra charge). You can use my Tel / Fax / address for your     intimate exchanges. You can also ask for a letter written /
form filled by a member before choosing you ideal partner. After you feel intimate & comfortable, go ahead and reveal all ! So you  see, no profit for me, all gains for you.