Examination Structure & QUALIFICATIONS


The CGFNS examination takes one full day and is as follows:

1.. Candidates will be permitted 2 1/2 hours for Part-I of nursing section of the examination, one-hour for lunch, and one hour and 40 minutes for the Part - II of the nursing section.

2.. The examination consists of multiple choice questions in English, covering major areas of nursing and nursing process.


Applicants must have the following qualifications before taking the CGFNS Examination.

  1. Have successfully graduated from Higher Secondary School Education.

  2. Have graduated from a Government approved Nursing School whose two or more general nursing programmes included both theory and clinical practice in each of the five areas of nursing – Medical, Surgical, Obstetric, Pediatric and Psychiatric.

  3. Hold a valid license / registration to practice as a general nurse in the country, province or state where they obtained their general nursing education.